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Support and consulting for companies

Operational marketing

When agribusiness firms get committed with Horus-Entreprises in the context of a perennial agreement for commercial assistance, Horus-Entreprises helps the commercial management in implementing the recommendations they have submitted in the phase defining the commercial strategy. Once these recommendations have been validated, Horus-Entreprises turns them into concrete actions, and often runs them in parallel with actions taken for re-organising the commercial function and the commercial management.

Thanks to its frequent assignments on the field, Horus-Enterprises can propose, without any gap, the implementation and adjustment of the commercial strategy, focusing on the following aspects :

  • Products/packaging : structure and establish a strategic equilibrium of the product range, launch new products… ;
  • Distribution : define sales condition (location for delivery, minimum order, terms of payment…), develop partnership with customers, discount scheme according to performances… ;
  • Price : adjust according to market evolution and according to sales objectives given to commercial management.

These consulting services are facilitated by :

  • A close collaboration between Horus-Entreprises, the general management and the commercial management of the client firm ; Horus-Enterprises aims to promote a commercial management capable in the long run to be autonomous and tries to transfer its know-how to this function.
  • A good knowledge of the market including the products covered by the convention, whether for the concerned country or countries or at a global level.
  • A thorough monitoring of the client firm commercial activity, done from Horus-Entreprises’ head office.

The following companies have entrusted Horus-Entreprises with the running of their operational marketing :

  • Sugar sector :
    • SOSUCAM (Cameroon), since 1999 ;
    • CST (Chad), since 2002 ;
    • SARIS (Congo), since 2002 ;
    • SODESUCRE (Ivory Coast), from 1990 to 1993.
  • Fatty Substances sector (Oil and soap) :
    • HUICOMA (Mali), from 1988 to 1991 ;
    • SN Citec (Burkina), from 1995 to 1998 ;
    • NIOTO (Togo), from 1990 to 1995.