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Support and consulting for companies

Organisation of the commercial function and commercial management

Horus-Entreprises services for organising the commercial function and the commercial management of a company are generally carried out in the context of a perennial convention for commercial support. These services involve :

  • Definition of the general organisation for the commercial function : definition of the activities that need to be managed by the sales management, task analysis for each position, assessment of the current staff capacities, proposition for an organisation chart, allocation of the staff within the new organisation chart, definition of the vacant profiles for the positions requiring recruiting.
  • Support for filling the necessary positions to the sales management : participation to the final phase, after the company has pre-qualified a few candidates on the defined profile criteria.
  • Definition of the sales information system : daily and weekly sales tracking, monthly performance indicators, and price statements…
  • The development and support necessary to implement sales management procedures : the aim is to formalise sales management working methods in order to ensure cohesion between the information system and the management system, and in order to protect people and goods from the main risks related to commercial activity.
  • Know-how : transfer to the sales management team during Horus-Entreprises assignments and transfer of current commercial activity monitoring as well as providing support from a distance.

Companies having entrusted Horus-Entreprises with reorganising their sales function and management are the following :

  • Sugar sector : SOSUCAM (Cameroon), CST (Chad), SARIS (Congo), SODESUCRE (Ivory Coast).
  • Fatty substances sector : HUICOMA (Mali), SN Citec (Burkina), NIOTO (Togo).