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Studies for client companies

Institutional and operational analysis

This type of study aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the audited structure (commercial company, association, cooperative, project, …).  Very often part of the outcome of these audits is the elaboration of a restructuring and strategic development short-term plan that can be implemented. These studies tend to take place generally in the context of researching a partner, just before a company privatisation or in case of financial restructuring.

This analysis and the resulting strategic recommendations, focus on the main following areas:

  • Institutional : analyse the role of the different partners, the appropriateness of rules and regulations, the desirable evolution of the institutional set up : relationship between the State and its representatives ; partial or total privatisation ; the entry of a new partner ; the role and desired characteristics of that new partner… ;
  • Financial : assess the situation of the company and the financial restructuring to be implemented ; in case of a major financial audit, Horus-Entreprises intervenes jointly with certified accountancy firms and auditors internationally recognised ;
  • Marketing strategy : redefine the positioning of the company and the commercial strategy ;
  • Supply : availability and quality of the supply of raw material or intermediate raw material ; look at the relationship between the company and its suppliers ; review of the supply chain policy, particularly for price and quality.
  • Production tools : Horus-Entreprises does its technical review jointly with a company with which it has developed a partnership in the appropriate sectors (fatty substances, sugar, fruits and vegetables, cereals and derived products) ;
  • IT Management: If there is a need for further analysis of the management systems, Horus-Entreprises can work in association with Horus Systèmes d'Information.

In addition to analysis of strengths and weaknesses shown by the audited structure, Horus-Entreprises can also :

  • Participate closely in defining the strategy for development ;
  • Evaluate the main options for the institutional evolution and recommend whichever one seems to be favouring the implementation of the chosen strategy for development ;
  • Participate in the elaboration of the business plan ;
  • Propose a new organisation encouraging the development of activities.

Horus-Entreprises has carried out such institutional and/or operational audits for the following structures :

  • Industrial and commercial firms :
  • GARDEL (sugar refinery - Guadeloupe) ;
  • COTONTCHAD (cotton ginning – Chad) ;
  • COCI (essential oils production – Ivory Coast) ;
  • FLEX FASO (fruits and vegetables production – Burkina) ;
  • RWAKINA (quinine production– Rwanda).
  • Association : TAFA (agro-ecology – Madagascar) ;
  • Cooperative : Irrigation development cooperative (Niger) ;
  • Project : Program for rural management (cotton sector – Mali).