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Studies conducted for institutions

Sub-Sector Analysis

The scope of sub-sector analysis can focus on the following points :

  • Review of the different functions of a sub-sector : production, storage, 1st and 2nd transformation process, internal marketing and/or export marketing,… ;
  • Assessment of the level of structure surrounding producers organisations and assessment of their capacity to assume responsibility for some of the essential functions in the inputs supply chain, the marketing, the support to training, etc.
  • Analysis of competitive mechanisms at a national, regional or international level ;
  • Identification of bottlenecks and factors of inefficiency in the operators or in the economical, institutional, fiscal or regulatory environment ;
  • Identification of the threats (factors that could destabilise a sub-sector) and the opportunities (development possibilities not yet exploited).

This analysis leads to a plan of actions in order :

  • To correct the shortfalls noticed at the technical, organisational, regulatory or institutional level… ;
  • To exploit markets showing a potential for development on short, medium or long-term basis.

Horus-Entreprises has carried out sub-sector analysis for the following sectors :

  • Oil and fatty substances in CEMAC and UEMOA zones ;
  • Sugar in Guadeloupe ;
  • Cotton in Togo and Benin ;
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, in Morocco, Tunisia, Burkina, Benin, Venezuela ;
  • Coffee/cocoa, in Ivory Coast and Venezuela ;
  • Cereals, in Morocco, Venezuela, Senegal, Burkina, Cameroon ;
  • Wood in Congo and Cameroon ;
  • Poultry farming in Ivory Coast ;
  • Date palm, in Namibia.