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Studies for client companies

Market surveys

Historically, Horus-Entreprises’ activities have mainly consisted of food processing market surveys. Horus-Entreprises has been mainly working for more than 15 years on products like sugar, fatty substances (oils and soaps), fresh or processed fruits and vegetables on top of which flour was added a few years ago. Other areas have been tackled as a one-off study requirement, such as wine, salmon, groundnut, cashew nut, soya derived products, cottonseeds, and cattle feed,… etc.

Market surveys carried out by Horus-Entreprises encompass the following different aspects :

  • Offer analysis ;
  • Estimation of the market size ;
  • Analysis of the demand quality factors ;
  • Analysis of distribution channels ;
  • Analysis on prices and sale margins on the different markets and at all the distribution stages.

These studies feed operational recommendations on commercial strategy to the client-companies, in particular on the following aspects: products/packaging, distribution and prices.

These market surveys are often carried out in zones (North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar) where written information is inexistent or of very unpredictable quality. Consequently, Horus-Entreprises favours collecting information on the ground, which implies thorough investigations with :

  • the main operators of the concerned products (producers, importers, shopkeepers, retailers,… ;
  • the consumers, whether industrials or individuals ;
  • the concerned administrations (Ministry of Trade, Excise and customs, …).

The main market surveys recently carried out by Horus-Entreprises are the following:

  • Market survey on sugar in Nigeria, Congo, UEMOA zone (Ivory Coast, Burkina, Mali, Benin, Togo and Niger) and CEMAC zone (Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Central African Republic and Gabon) ;
  • Market survey on vegetable oils and household soaps in Ivory Coast, Burkina, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Chad and Central African Republic ;
  • Market survey on flour in Morocco, Gabon and Guinea ;
  • Market survey on processed fruits and vegetables in Europe ;
  • Market survey on essential oils in Europe ;
  • Market survey on fresh pineapple in Europe.