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Support and consulting for companies

Definition of commercial strategies

The definition of commercial strategies is a logical output of market surveys. Horus-Entreprises scope for recommendations touches various aspects of the marketing-mix, particularly :

  • Products/packaging : the aim is to market products capable of satisfying consumers’ intrinsic quality requirements and in a packaging format meeting their expectations ;
  • Distribution : clear, transparent and identical rules must be defined for all customers on different aspects (minimum order, delivery location, terms of payment…) and also a discount system linked to everyone’s performances must be implemented ;
  • Selling prices : they must be determined from the market conditions ;

Horus-Entreprises experience regarding consulting in commercial strategy shows that :

  • Consumers, regardless of their country, express specific expectations even for basic products like oil or household soap and sugar, and shows that a product meeting these expectations encourages sales while selling at its best margin.
  • Characteristics for distributors vary from one country to another, even from one zone to the next within the same country ; the distribution strategy must take into account these characteristics in order to structure the distribution channels, create a fair and sufficient competition and ensure sales development on the whole territory.
  • Prices must be fixed according to the market, based on comparison with competing local or imported products, and reviewed constantly.

Horus-Entreprises has elaborated such commercial strategies for the following companies :

  • Sugar sector : SODESUCRE (Ivory Coast), SOSUCO (Burkina), SOSUCAM (Cameroon), CST (Chad), SARIS (Congo), CSS (Senegal).
  • Fatty substances sector (Oils and soaps) : HUICOMA (Mali), SN Citec (Burkina), NIOTO (Togo), SOGUIPAH (Guinea), SRL (Cameroon), COTONTCHAD (Chad).
  • Minotery sector : SMAG (Gabon), SOCOBIS (Madagascar).
  • Fruits and vegetables sector : FLEX FASO (Burkina).

After the definition of their commercial strategy, some customers have decided to entrust Horus-Entreprises with the complete running of their operational marketing as well as the Re-organisation of their commercial function and the running of their commercial management.  All this has been done in the context of a perennial partnership agreement.